Monday, 2 November 2015

Flower Growers In Holland Prefer Quality Coco Peat From India and Sri Lanka

India is growing its coco peat production in large quantities and getting popularity globally. Between the period 2010 and 2013, India’s coco peat export has doubled. This escalation has been stated by the Government of India. India is the leading exporter of coco peat products in the world. To its account, almost 50% of the coco peat product is supplied by India. Apart from India, Sri Lanka too is evolving as a great coco peat supplier. Sri Lanka has shown great potential in the last few years in terms of coco peat export, both in terms of quality and quantity. One of the largest importers of these varieties from India and Sri Lanka is Holland.

The highly premium quality coco peat products from India and Sri Lanka are exported to Holland in large quantities. The products are 100% renewable and ecologically sound. All most 90% of the flower growers use coco peat products supplied from these two countries. The growth of this industry has become possible due to the surplus amount of both skilled and un-skilled laborers in India and Sri Lanka. The products are manufactured maintaining global standards.

The well conditioning and water holding capacity of the coco peat products has made it well acclaimed for flower growth in Holland. The texture of the products is uniform which makes it consistent. It has low degradation value which makes it usable for flower growth. Apart from its well conditioning properties, it also has oxygenation properties which make it ideal. Holland flower growers are well compatible with the coco peat products as they can allow aeration even if it is absolutely saturated. The light weight coir products are very spongy and fibrous. The clayey soils can be cured and made suitable for flower growth by adding coco peat. Likewise, sandy soils can be made fertile too.

The horticulture industry in Holland is one of the leading one in the international market. They use the coco peat as it allows proper root penetration. It was estimated in a study in 2011 that after using coco peat there was a 10% to 20% less consumption of water. So those areas suffering from water scarcity in Netherlands need not to worry. With the use of coco peat, the Dutch flower growers are being able to produce more pots which are ultimately bringing forth more profit. The flower growers have received RHP authentication for its yielding programs in India.

Holland is famous for its rose production. The reason behind their production of high quality roses is the use of high quality coco peat from India and Sri Lanka. Instead of soil, they have switched to coconut fiber. The coconut husks are ideal for potting as they protect the seeds from the rage of the sun. The coco peat also provides immunity to the roots and does not allow fungus or bacteria to infest on them.

India and Sri Lanka has maintained the quality of coco peat and thus Holland has entrusted upon these two countries. Coco peat has filled in the gap between the two south Asian countries and this ‘Lowland’.

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