Wednesday 30 December 2015

COCO PEAT: Your Harvest Manager Ensuring High Quality Flowers

In the art of crop production and harvesting a reliable source of good quality water is crucial for a successful yield. Coco peat which contains coir fiber pith obtained from coconut husk has an incredible capability to hold water.

Floriculture or the science of cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants is a vibrant aspect of horticulture but unfortunately enough it requires huge amounts of water for smooth functioning and this major con challenges well flourished floriculture in areas with severe water scarcity. But if there is a problem there must be a solution, colorful flowers and abundant water resources must co-exist. Our Organic fertilizer coco peat can be one of the best possible answer to this problem.

Their wondrous specialty is that they can hold large amounts of water, nearly 7 times the size of its mass. Moreover it discharges nutrients accordingly and this results can be observed in the tantalizing hues of high quality flowers it produces. The fact that it is reusable is the icing on the cake. In floriculture such water locking agents are essential to reduce unnecessary water drainage from the topsoil. Huge maintenance and care is required to keep the flowering plants healthy on the contrary the use of coco peat cuts of several maintenance factors therefore making farms more profitable. Our coco peat is therefore a multi-tasker being able to reduce water leakage, adding to plant nutrition and plays a major role in harvest management since less managed farms are more profitable it also leads to the economic development of the continent.

Boyce Agro’s innovation In coco peat is saving tons of water everyday in horticulture globally. We are not only concerned about conserving water and soil quality but also quite attentive to all your queries regarding floriculture because we provide growing solutions, and expert help to local flower growers. Beauty and sustainability these are the two main priorities of corporation. A partnership between Boyce and the distributors in the flower growing industries will be a truce for the greater benefit for not only water scarce regions but the entire human race. Collaborations and cooperation from the distributors can counter the growing conflicts for water in third world countries.

Nearly seventy percent of the world is covered with water but only 2.5 percent of the total water on earth is fresh drinkable water which is nearly optimum for sustaining the world’s population. But due to extremities, over usage and severe wastage a serious crisis for potable water has arisen and a major amount of that water is lost in horticulture with the lack of a good harvest management system. You surely wouldn’t want your farm to contribute to the depletion of usable water.

The ease of usage of our coco peat will make floriculture a cakewalk for you and then you get to wear that eco friendly badge. With the Boyce range of coco peat you can grow the plants to their full potential.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Coco Peat vs. Weeds

Our coco peat is an 100 per cent organic product made from coconut husk and it can work wonders as growing medium for crops. Made from coir fiber this soil conditioner can guarantee you healthier yields.
Weed is a wild unwanted plant growing in competition with the cultivated plants. They create a shortage in nutrients for the cultivation plants hence sabotaging yields.

Many of might have a common question popping up in your mind. Is coco peat effective against weeds? Well as a matter of fact it is. Firstly it supplies beneficial microorganisms to ensure healthy growth of your crops which in turn keeps weeds pests and other diseases at bay. This being said it is clear that your farms will never be the same again but it will only change for good, with less time wastage in getting rid of weed you get more time planning your economy.

Coco Peat holds an incredible amount of water, upto ten times than that of its weight therefore a very less amount of it guarantees long term hydration it does not allow over hydration and prevents growth of weed. It not only takes care of unwanted weed but also creates a pollution free environment for your farm  because of its recyclable properties.

Along with the fact it is pollution free, eco friendly and completely reusable its effects are also long lasting. Once added to the soil it lasts for as long as three to four years and that save you the time for regular mixing and time is money. some of its remarkable qualities makes it an indispensable part of your farm’s maintenance, these qualities include:

 Incredible water holding capacity
 Accelerating microbial action 
 Supplementing useful nutrition to the soil
 High levels of cellulose and lignin
 Weed preventing properties
 Maintains the pH value of the soil and keeps it within a favorable degree

Coco Peat can be reused 4 to five times at most and being biodegradable it will leave no harmful residue. You always wished for all in one solution for your farm and our coco peat is the answer to all your ordeals. Coco peat makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics, soil mixes, and container plants in addition to all these it has natural rooting hormones and antifungal properties. Coco Peat also prevents unnecessary drainage of water from the topsoil and helps erode it.

So if you want a biodegradable fertilizer which also takes care of unwanted weeds in your farm you best consider Boyce Agro’s premium quality coco peat.