Thursday 23 April 2015

Indian Coco peat Exports On The Rise.

Year opens with export growth for many coco peat manufacturers in India and Srilanka.

Coco peat exporters from India are capitalizing on the growing demand for coco peat in the world market. According to customs figures published by the Indian government, India’s coco peat exports almost doubled between 2010/11 and 2012/13.

India remains the leading supplier of coco peat to the world market, accounting for more than 50 per cent of volumes.

When it comes to other coco peat varieties, Srilanka has been increasing its presence globally too. The srilankan coco peat has also enjoyed a steady increase in shipments over the past five years.

ASEAN-based manufacturer-exporter Boyce Agro is aiming to ramp up its shipments to the European market to complement the sales programmes it runs in the countries like Holland, Italy, France and Spain.

Boyce Agro - Coco peat manufacturer and exporter from India, Srilanka and Vietnam

Sunday 19 April 2015

Why Coco Peat Is Recommended For Soil Conditioning?

To grow healthy plants, soil has to provide water, nutrition and aeration when plants required. Fertile land is not always an available source to provide enough nutrition to plants. Sometimes soil does not have all the properties to support plants for faster and healthy growth. Soil which are rich in nutrition and minerals serves plants as better growing medium with all required nutrition taken from nature but soil conditioning create opportunity to produce more yield at short span.

Soil conditioning is a process of improving the physical properties of soil to support and enhance strong plant growth. Coco Peat as an organic and environment friendly product, it has superior advantage of holding water and nutrition. It also keeps soil loose, prevents soil getting hard and creates room for roots to breath and develop growth to its fullest form by aeration property.

Landscapers, golf green turf and sports field constructors deliver high quality and high performing results when use coco peat as organic mix to soil. Coco Peat works as right combination with soil and give uniformity in lawn growth as it maintain moisture for them. It does not require re wetting often since its good in water retention and good in cation-exchange.  

In coconut rich countries like India and Sri Lanka, people won't buy processed coco peat for their home gardens. It is usual practice to de husk coconut from their farms for their own use and they use husk, fibres and powder particles for their home gardens and kitchen gardens.

Hence, soil needs conditioning periodically and coco peat recommended as the right combination because of its physical properties and organic nature.

Go the ancient way,, Grow plants to its full potential, use coco peat with soil and achieve the results.

Boyce Agro - Manufacturer and Supplier of Coco Peat for leading horticulture, Hydroponic and green turf construction companies worldwide. For more information please visit

Thursday 16 April 2015

Indian Coco Peat Exporters Are Found Easily Online! Not True

India’s potential base of Coco peat exporters are represented by small scale and mid sized business in places like Pollachi, Coimbatore, and near by places not in Mumbai and Delhi. They are financial and national capitals of our country and their are traders by profession.

Do the majority of coco peat manufacturers and exporters listed online? the answer is NO, companies, traders and individuals who spend substantial money on promoting their business online are visible to the international buyers like you.

Most of the buyers or importers use online websites like google and bing to search for coco peat manufacturers and exporters. Do they get to the company? definitely NO. Businesses like coco peat and coir is agro based and highly regional in countries like India and Srilanka. Many manufacturers in the region do not have their websites or capable of communicating to an overseas buyer.

Here comes the trader, who aims to make some money in between. Procures material from the manufacturer and exports it to the customer who has come to him through google.  90% of the coco peat importers do not get down to profile the seller and understand this commercial and financial viability, which only ends the buyer in a high risk zone.

As a buyer it is recommended you do some research over to see If the exporter has local presence, are there reviews?,  do they have a facility and have they contributed much to the community, etc. Doing a thorough study on exporters will give complete control to buyers in terms of time and money.
Many customers we work with feel they experience a transparent relationship right from procurement to packaging and shipping the goods and ensuring it reaches safe and on-time.

This not only reduces your transaction time and procurement cost but also reduces supplier costs, and increases satisfaction levels. Identifying the right coco peat exporter and developing a partnership that will increase the competitiveness of both buyer and seller in the opt thing to do.

Boyce Agro, an Indian exporter of coco peat is your right guide! Call us today

Sunday 12 April 2015

Agriculture Directory is an Essential Aid in Modern World

An online agriculture directory is an excellent aid that can support modern day farming. These days, agriculture resembles an industrial activity, very different from the farming practices of our forefathers. Today's cultivator needs equipment like tractors and harvesters, input materials like seeds, pesticides and weedicides, services like soil analysis and expert consultancy on different matters. The term agriculture today includes more than cultivating the land for grains. It also means horticulture, grazing, vineyards, timber growing, dairy farming, poultry farming and fish farming, for example. Considering this wider meaning, the materials, services and information needs of the modern day agriculturist is wide-ranging. An online directory that provides instant access to sources of supplies and information is indeed a great support facility for the agriculturist.

Topics Covered by an Agriculture Directory The topics covered by an agriculture directory these days are wide-ranging. Extracts from the main categories of a major agriculture directory illustrates the variety:
  • Bees and Honey
  • Cattle
  • Horse
  • Insurance & Financing
  • Import Export
  • Rabbits
  • Barns & Structures
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Seed Companies
  • Equestrian Sport
  • Agritourism
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Government
  • Fencing
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Plant Diseases
  • Hydroponics
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Bedding
  • Education
  • Forestry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Rural Sociology
The above is only a sample meant to illustrate the variety of topics relevant to agriculturists.

Basic Functions of Agriculture Directories Serving the needs of agriculturists is a prime function of the directories. Agriculturists need seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, tractors, harvesters, soil analysis services; best practices case histories and other inputs for their agricultural activities. They also need marketing support in the forms of information on markets, lists of marketing agencies, government support programs and so on. A good agriculture directory provides links to relevant resources for meeting these requirements. Agriculture is not just cultivation and todayĆ­s agriculture directories also include links to such resources as horse racing, farm tourism, government regulations, rural arts and crafts and so on. Promoting the agricultural activities in a country is another objective served by national agriculture directories that focus on the suppliers in one particular country. . Exporters in the country would be supported by information about export possibilities, lists of overseas importers, details of government support programs and so on. Importers in other countries would be better able to source their requirements with the help of such regional directories.

Different Kinds of Agriculture Directories Considering the many areas covered or touched by agriculture, it offers scope for many niche directories. We look at a few and their significance below.

EQUINE WEB SITES: Includes links to horse breeders, riding stables, horse racing and such equine topic related web sites.

REGIONAL DIRECTORIES: National directories listing agricultural suppliers located in a country are quite common.

AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES: With links to universities, publications, weather, news and other resources of value to agriculturists and related businesses. Here again, we have only touched upon the variety. If you look around, you would find a resource that caters to your particular agriculture related niche.

Conclusion Agriculture is not confined to cultivating the land. In today's context, it includes even such apparently different activities as equine sports, farm tourism and rural arts, in addition to conventional resources like coco peat, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, tractors, harvesters, etc required by cultivators. The agriculture directory of today will also include links to resources needed by animal, poultry and fish farmers, horticulturists, forestry and other activities covered by the term agriculture. Agriculture directory resources will also cover support activities like insurance, finance, marketing, education and news. Agriculture today is more like an industry that needs information and technology, in addition to conventional inputs outlined earlier.

About the author : Boyce Agro - Manufacturer and exporter of Coco peat from India and Srilanka. 

Thursday 9 April 2015

In Asia, Using Coir Was An Age Old Practice

Age old practice for today and tomorrow – use of coir for agriculture in Asia

Tropical countries have a blessing, Coconut. Not only to consume, but a tree where the whole part of the tree was used for one purpose or the other. Long before inorganic interventions were in place, natural farming advocated products and by-products that were available in nature as resources for cultivation.

In hot tropics, availability of water is a challenge and for crops like rice, water retention of soil decides the yield. With high temperatures during the day, water was always inadequate. Coir was the natural choice, the pith could hold as much of 10 times its weight, which improved water retention at the roots drastically. Since it is organic and natural, there is no question of any implications or any other depletion in soil quality, instead it decomposes and improves aeration, nutrition and soil quality.

Despite advancements in scientific agricultural practices, coir is still irreplaceable by any other product. Coir is nature given, completely organic, time tested age old practice that is still in vogue.

Sunday 5 April 2015

A Comprehensive Guide On Indian Suppliers!

If you are looking out for Indian suppliers for a variety of product or commodity under the sun, don't run from pillar to post. Online directories offer you an online one source, from where you can search an Indian supplier of a particular product and at the same time compare the rates and the kind of services too.

Such directories are updated guide to help a user find anything in this world, with just a click and in few seconds you have your result displayed. Online directory provides marketing services and promotional tools to buyers and sellers to find new trade opportunities and promote their businesses online.

Directories offer you an online marketplace that facilitates trade between global buyers and sellers. It is open for all the companies looking for global business. You are able to search suppliers by writing the keyword you are looking for or make Indian suppliers find you by posting your buying leads. It provides you with plenty of different categories such as business services, computer and electronics, clothing, textiles and accessories and much more. It offers you either free or paid services in order to find new buyers; it also gives you the possibility to post your product catalogue, post a selling lead or search for new buyers to send them inquires.

If it is coco peat you are looking for, manufacturer and supplier of indian coco peat, such as coco peat bales, coco peat blocks, coco peat discs, planters grow bags, coco peat slabs, Coco peat briquettes, husk chips and premium coir whatever it is about coco peat just click and find it yourself. Or find Indian suppliers and manufacturers of coco peat, coco peat 5kgs blocks and coco peat briquettes. Also they are engaged in supplying grow bags, tomato grow bags, potato grow bags, rose grow bags and cucumber grow bags.

Some of them do provide free and premium membership services using which suppliers can easily create their own homepage to showcase products online, locate and contact global buyers, reply to buying leads and post trade offers to sell. Buyers can use the site for free and can easily search for new products, locate and contact suppliers directly, post buying leads and use advanced e-marketing and communication tools to chat and meet the suppliers.

Your work is reduced to such an extent as you can now find your Indian suppliers for all your products. Without much processing time, or money shelled out, just find simple solutions to your queries easily. Reach out now! Just play around with your mouse, just a click.

Friday 3 April 2015

A Guide To Choosing Coco Peat

There are many types of coco peat available for gardeners, choosing the right coco peat is just as important as caring for your garden. Boyce Agro provides your with a range of coco peat as an growing medium or as a soil mix.  Boyce Agro also can help you with choosing the right coco peat for your gardening.

If you are looking for coco peat or a medium that can hold water and provide an organic substitute and environmental friendly product that helps reduce water, you must be calling Boyce Agro. visit us our website or write to us to learn more about our products and your requirements.

Boyce Agro exporters quality coco peat for horticulture from India and Srilanka. The company also supplies coco peat for green turf construction companies, coco peat for oil absorbents and coco peat for animal bedding.