Sunday 27 September 2015

Making Organic Growing A Reality

With the growing demand of every single commodity, there has been a need to generate surplus to what we use to and the main reason behind that being the increasing population. Farming is also under this pressure of generating more output from the same field and with the same no of seeds and in order to attain the given figure; farmers often opt for the inorganic fertilizers which are available in plenty and also available at a cheaper rate. But the recent advancement in science has also helped the farmers even and now they can get a material which acts as an organic fertilizer and has other associated benefits as well.
Coco peat is one such material which is made from coconut husk. The coconut husk is obtained from the tropical areas of the globe from where they are sent to the processing industries for the further processes. Coco peat is a product which also is available easily and readily and that’s why its use has been increasing with every passing day.
Being an organic fertilizer, coco peat acts as a good substance that can hold water when required. These days a majority of crops get destroyed just because of the fact that the farmers don’t get enough water at regular intervals to irrigate their crops. In order to overcome this problem, coco peat serves as a great example. When there is extra water in the soil, it gets picked up and is soaked within the coco peat which may be released at the time of need, like when the irrigation is not proper due to scarcity of water.
Coco peat also helps in holding the soil together. Coco peat when used in soil, it helps in holding the soil together and gives aeration thus it helps in proper growth of the plant. Holding the soil together also helps in reducing the amount of dust particles suspended in the air which serves as a major reason that coco peat also helps in reducing the air pollution level. Holding the soil reduces the chances of evaporation of water from the soil which reduces the amount of water to be used in farming.
Though using a coco peat has so many advantages, there are many problems associated with it too. There is a fluctuation in the prices of coco peat around the year and it is a major reason why the farmers still prefer to keep their hands of this material. Also the countries which are not along the sea shore, has to import this product and as a result, comparatively the prices go high. Among all this Boyce has somehow managed to keep a check on the price and is one of the leading firms of this organic fertilizer. Certainly Boyce has managed to reach the new heights with its innovative techniques to keep a check on the price.

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