Wednesday 27 May 2015

Use Coco Peat For Horses Feet

Yes I know, horses have hooves but whether you have a thoroughbred or an old nag the point is still relevant. Owning a horse can be quite stressful. But it is often said this is outweighed by the joy they bring. Very much like any other pet, the more you give, the greater the reward.

To keep and maintain a healthy horse they obviously need the basics. Food, fresh water, a space to exercise and of course a nice comfortable dry bed.

Coco peat can provide this with many  advantages over the basic straw or wood shavings. It is recommended by vets and farriers and is growing in popularity as an alternative.

Coco peat bedding lasts longer than the standard material and once it needs replacing, it can easily be used on your garden without composting as is completely bio degradable.

The cost of owning a horse can also be inhibitive as veterinary costs can add significant charges to the initial cost of the horse itself. Vaccinations can help reduce many diseases and some conditions can be helped with the use of coco peat. It helps to reduce hoof mould and bacterial activity such as thrush. The product can also help horses with bronchial disease and who are allergic to dust. This will be welcome news in reducing the vet visits.

I myself have recently walked on a layer of coco peat and can vouch for the softness underfoot. So as I said earlier, USE COCO PEAT FOR HORSES FEET and It makes sense.



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